• Quarter Bin: Origins

    (2015) A behind the scenes look into the making of Quarter Bin, a Comedy Motion Picture Directed by Roger Priebe

  • Metal Mergence V

    (2002) This is a Short Documentary about Metal Mergence V… the most successful Metal Mergence ever… Featuring: Maggot Twat, Sacred Dawn, First Jason, Withering Soul, Impale and More… Special Thanks to Scott Jackson, Ari Lehman, Jenn X, SGL Entertainment, and Dark Star Records… This Documentary wa...

  • Blood on the Reel

    (2016) A Documentary featuring many Popular Horror Filmmakers and their movies including: Wound, Tonight You Die, House of Good & Evil, Drive-In Horror Show, A Dark Place, Jezebeth, The House of Evil and More

  • The Making of Baptized by Fire from Aeraco

    A Short Documentary about the Making of the video Baptized by Fire from the band Aeraco

  • Gothicfest 2005

    (2009) Gothicfest 2005 is a Documentary about North America’s Largest Gothic Festival And Expo. This historic event was capured on film with interviews and live performances. The DVD also includes featured performances in 5.1 Surround Sound. “Gothicfest 2005” featured: Hanzel Und Gretyl, Slick Id...

  • A Galaxy Far Far Away

    (2001) A documentary exploring the attraction of the Star Wars universe to its many fans. Includes interviews and cameos from across the United States. Starring: Roger Corman, James Duval, Andy Garcia, Meat Loaf and Joe Pesci

  • The Wild World of Ted V Mikels

    (2008) THE WILD WORLD OF TED V. MIKELS, a new documentary by Kevin Sean Michaels, is a rollicking look at the independent cinema and film pioneering of Ted V. Mikels, who has been producing films for over 60 years. Way before limited-budget action films became termed as “grindhouse,” Ted was wowi...

  • Gothicfest 2007